Here are some recordings you can hear me on:

Baby et Lulu
Baby et Lulu (2012 MGM)

available on iTunes

The Tango Saloon
Don’t Close Your Eyes (2014 Romero) CD Single

Love In Black And White (2013 Romero) CD Single

Shadows and Fog (2012 Romero)

available on iTunes

Transylvania (2012 Romero)

available on iTunes

The Mango Balloon
The Mango Balloon (2011 Romero Records)

more information at Rufus Records

The Mango Balloon Vol. 2 (2012 Romero Records)

more information from

The Mango Balloon Vol. 3 (2014 Romero Records)

Eddie Bronson Band

Romance (2010 Independent)

more information at

Making Music Lah-Lah’s Way (2011 Roadshow)

Shake It Like This (2008 Roadshow)
available at 

available at 
available on iTunes

Monsieur Camembert
Famous Blue Cheese (2007 ABC)

available from the band, right off the stage!

Stephan Schafer Quartet
Time Travel (2006 Newmarket)

available at

Mark 4
Entrée (2005 Jazzgroove)

available on iTunes